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100 Dinge

The german movie “100 Dinge” (“100 Things”) is about two men, who involutarily live without any possession for 100 days because of a bet. The movie is funny and discusses in a special way, how consumption affects our daily life and that friendship and family should be more important than any possession. It is not … Continue reading 100 Dinge

Current Situation

Due to the global pandemic we are planning new projects to work on. Unfortunately, the meetings in Spain, Germany and Estonia won´t take place. Instead, the students from the four countries will work together online and exchange ideas. A few of our current ideas for working on the topics are:1. Developing a children´s book to … Continue reading Current Situation

Open day in Gelnhausen

The Grimmelshausen Gymnasium arranged an open day at the 18th of January in 2020, so that other students are able to get to know our school. The students working on the project will present our project and intentions as well. Mostly we are going to inform about the topic WATER, what our research was about.

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